About us

We are a young dynamic company taking advantage of our extensive experience in trade. Our priority is to work on a high professional level with our business partners on both suppliers and customers sides.
Our suppliers are significant companies from the EU countries. On the customers side there are our partners with rich business experience in different regions of Slovakia. Their long-standing relations with consumers alongside their high professionalism make it easy to harmonize the needs of all links of the trade chain – from the producers to the final consumers.
End users of ours are predominantly children of all age groups, but a good deal of adults belong among them as well. Therefore, our effort is to offer a large range of goods permanently. Motto of our company is: “We are bringing enjoyment to the kids.”  We wish to conjure a smile on children’s faces every day.
We intend to achieve our goals by a high-quality work and by a professional approach to our partners.

ANROSSI Ltd. Management